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"Welcome to FireClan!" Smokestar says.

Cats of the Clan



She is a smoky-gray she cat with darker gray stripes and white paws with a white underbelly. She has dark green eyes. She is a born leader. She knows when to fight and when not to. Rank: Leader  Mate: Redbelly 

Medicine Cat:


She is an orange tabby with bright amber eyes. She loves to lie in the sun when she's not looking for herbs, sorting her stash, or healing a cat. She's relatively lazy and usually wakes up at sunhigh. Try to imagine the aftermath sleep after the moonstone journey.



Venomfang is a sleek, large, well-muscled tom. He has short, thin, silky, sleek, jet black fur with a white underbelly and paws. Venomfang has piercing green eyes, as mesmerizing as a cobra's. He has a long, weapon-like tail that is slightly crooked. Venomfang has a scar above his right eye and on his left cheek. He has short, fat, razor-sharp, white claws and teeth. 

Medicine cat + Apprentice:

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Is very outgoing and curious. She is very brave in battles and other things like going out of territory to unknown territory and she is very interdependent at some times too.