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The Fierce and Humble

EathClanners usually consist of Clanborn cats with strong, agile bodies and open minds.

Cats of this Clan


Kind, strong-willed, confident she-cat with light dusty brown fur, black stripes, white underbelly and leaf green eyes. She is a great climber and a natural born leader.







Medicine Cat

Black she-cat with brown on tip of tail and brown line on forehead. Rockdust got her name in honor of her black fur which looks like it was stained with the dust of a rock. She is 22 moons old.

Medicine Cat Apprentice

Small white tom.


He is a giant ginger tom with black paws, ear tips and amber eyes. He is tough, kind, and protective of his clan. He is the biggest cat in all the forest but he dose not care about power, he only cares about the warrior code and his clan. His mate is Brambleberry and he has four kits.
He is a silver tom with black stripes and paws with yellow eyes. He is kind and thoughtful, often lost in thought and loves to hunt.
He is strong and very loyal to his Clan, he is a brown mottled tabby tom with unusual long front claws and dark amber eyes.
A handsome, well-muscled, tabby tom. He has long, sleek, dark brown tabby fur. Jetblast has blazing amber eyes that are eye-catching at first until you get used to them. He has long, thin, needle-sharp claws and teeth. Jetblast has fierce amber eyes and a scar under his left one. He is 36 moons old.


Coyotepaw looks exactly like his father. Fur and eyes, not scars or anything else. The apprentice is quite large for his age, and his claws are amazingly powerful. He is 11 moons old, and his mentor is Foxfire.


She is caring and smart, she is snow white with light brown spots and amber eyes. Her mate is Foxfire and her four kits are Brightkit, Cranekit, Graykit, and Bushkit.


She is loyal and loving, she is white with ginger patches and yellow eyes. Her parents are Brambleberry and Foxfire, and her littermates are Cranekit, Graykit, and Brushkit.

He is caring but VERY curious, he is white with red paws & the tip of his tail and his ears are black with amber eyes. His parents are Brambleberry and Foxfire, his liittermates are Brightkit, Graykit and Brushkit.


A light gray tom with blue eyes. His parents are Brambleberry and Foxfire, his littermates are Brightkit, Cranekit, and Brushkit.


Light brown tabby she-kit with amber eyes. Her parents are Brambleberry and Foxfire, and her littermates are Brightkit, Cranekit, and Graykit.



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EarthClan theme song

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Switchfoot (Vice Verses)